Sunday 19 October 2014

Christmas with Baby Annabel

Isn't it funny how children go through stages? A number of years back both my twin girls had a baby doll each and lots of accompanying bits - baths, cots, prams etc. Then they just stopped playing with them and when it came time to move last year I thought I was being very efficient giving them all to charity.

Not so, as it soon materialised that Miss E in particular really wanted a new baby to care for. I think this came about as our neighbour had a newborn and she is naturally very caring and nurturing. Luckily she received a Baby Annabell to review back in August and she goes most places with us, I often wonder what on earth the noise is when I'm driving and I can hearing a sucking from the back of the car. It is of course Baby Annabell enjoying her dummy!

My girls have been super lucky to receive some new accessories to go with their Baby Annabell doll and I'll let you know how we got on with them. I think they would all make super Christmas gifts.

Baby Annabell Change Bag

Miss E was over the moon to receive the change bag, when she saw that it came with a nappy she practically squealed with delight but then when she saw it was just one she was actually quite disappointed, as she had hoped there would be a few. The bag itself is a good size and fits all the bits of paraphernalia that my daughter wants to carry round with her. There are no fidley zips or such as it just Velcro closes which is good, especially for younger children.

There are only two short handles on the bag which surprised me as it makes it difficult to go over the handle of a pushchair just like mummy's would. The girls really liked the actual styling of the bag - the design, the colours and the charm.

Also included in the bag was a change mat, mock talc bottle and a teething ring. Both the latter are sturdy plastic and look as if they are built to last but it might have been even better if the talc actually opened or had more styling to it, rather than just being a chunk of pink plastic.

The change mat is basically a small piece of edged fabric in the signature Baby Annabell print, it coordinates with the bag and the girls are quite happy with it but I'd have liked to have seen it bigger and maybe with a little quilting or padding. Small things that I think would set this change bag & accessories apart from then more run of the mill ones. When you are spending £16.99 on a dolls change bag set you want it to be a really good set.

Baby Annabell Comfort Seat

There is not a lot I can say about the comfort seat, what you seeing the picture is what you get. The actual seat is a sturdy pink plastic and then it has a removable soft cover in the signature Baby Annabell design. The handle lists up and down to make it good for both carrying and storing. There is a realistic harness so the baby does not fall out as she is being carried.  This was good for when the girls wanted to take Annabel in the car and then they used the seat belt to secure her, just like a real baby!

The best price I could find for the comfort sat was £19.52 on Amazon.

Also check out my review of Baby Annabel herself and the Rocking Cradle on Honest Mummy Reviews (my other blog!)

These dolls accessories are no-where near the cheapest on the market but they are all nice and I think they will last a good amount of time as they are well made but more than that if they are what your daughter especially wants this Christmas then they are sure to make her happy as they have the pretty little girl factor.

Disclosure: I was sent these 2 items free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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