Wednesday 7 May 2014

How does your garden grow - May 2014 - An explosion of colour

We are not that far into May yet but I'm loving it already, everything feels so fresh and the grass is so green and lush. There seems to have been a explosion of colour over the last few weeks and it reminds me of a magnificent firework display. As one colour fizzles out another arrives and takes its place to delight me.

I have far too many photos to share but I just could not help myself!

Starting in the West lawn -

All the Irises I'd ever seen have been the dark purple so these light ones took me by surprise.

The wonderful hankerchief tree, it really is a super sight with all its white flowers hanging down.

I love the chequered lawn, it has been brushed in one direction and was in the process of being cut in the other to make a massive checkerboard.

Down by the stream where the wild flowers are growing beautifully, my girls and I enjoyed a weekend walk

In the walled garden where there are fruit trees, poly tunnels and veg patches -

it is all coming along magnificently and boy do I enjoy eating all those salad greens when I'm up a the main house.

Thanks for hosting Annie, I'm happy to link up with How does your garden grow?

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