Saturday 24 May 2014

A year in photos - week 21

I forgot to share a couple of good photos I took last week when we visited Bodium castle, so here they are, better late than never!

Ohh and a couple from Bexhill too, it makes me want to drive back there right now -

I've been quite content this week and I feel as if I have achieved a lot but I suppose that is the funny thing of doing a weekly post like this, I now realise that not a lot has gone on in the last week but that is OK.  Life is not always about the big stuff.

Dh worked all last weekend, it was a busy one for him and Sunday afternoon we took the opportunity to meet up with a blogger friend and her sons.  It was super to catch up with Older Single Mum and her boys sure hit it off with my kids. Our feisty ones had a few words but in the main it was all good fun.

This week was Sports day at school and none of the kids were looking forward to it but actually it turned out well as it was pretty non-competitive and everyone did activity at the same time so for a shy one like Miss E there was not the unwanted glares of the whole school watching as you take your turn. I was pleased to catch a shot of Miss E and JJ together, sadly I can't share any of Miss M as there was always other kids in the shots.