Friday 25 April 2014

Get Out and About – The Big Kids Get Adventurous

Just lately my husband and I seem to be letting our hair down a bit more, by that I mean we are getting more adventurous in our fun and days out with the kids. Prior to moving to the countryside you could probably count on one hand the amount of times we went to the park and actually got on the play equipment, we were more likely to be found on the bench having a chat and smiling at the kids as they charged about.

Now you can find us playing basketball with the kids, taking them to a barn dance and dancing the night away, cycling as a family, going on the fitness equipment at the park and even going on the park equipment, which in reality is probably only meant for the kids, but sometimes dh and I like to be big kids.

Take last week in the Easter holidays, we headed out to do some shopping for dh's work which was not the most thrilling of times and the kids behaved well that we went to find a new park and what a fabulous place it was. So fabulous that there was no way dh and I wanted to miss out on the fun, so all five of us had a ball and got adventurous together.

I think it is really important for families to get out and about together and I have written about it quite a lot since moving here and having more free time.

My friend Lucy has written about loads of wonderful ideas for playing outdoors with kids.

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