Tuesday 11 February 2014

A great nights sleep.....

On Friday I felt rubbish all day, it was one of those days when nothing appeared to go right. I felt completely bleur and I was pondering why I felt like that - time of the month? depressed at being so overweight? change of life and house move? no real friends anymore? no job to go to? Who knows, I didn't!

I just knew that what I should do was go to bed.  So that was what I did and the next morning, viola the world is a different place and I feel fresh and ready to tackle what will come...

As I awoke this occurred to me and as I keep hearing about Canva and how great it is, I thought I'd have  ago at making a silly graphic.

This week is my fresh slate and I need to make some changes. They won't be easy but they will be fulfilling and they certainly are necessary. Wish me luck.  Mich x
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