Sunday 1 December 2013

My picture: His words - Trust

This week I have been learning all about trust. There have been various situations present themselves and the normal humanly response might be to panic and worry. I am trying not to be too human in my response and instead I choose to trust in the Lord and know that His plan is perfect and it will all work out.

Sometimes things are not easy, I recall hearing a number of years back that God is not so much interested in our comfort as He is our character. For sure all these troubles and toils that we go through certainly make us stronger and develop our character.

I took this photo earlier in the week as I had a walk around the grounds where I live. I love seeing the birds everywhere and hearing them sing. On this day the clouds were amazing, long white lines sweeping through a crisp blue sky. I love the contras of the stark empty branches and the rich sky colour.

If you fancy joining in then please do, I'd love to come and visit you and see how God has been speaking to you.  Please go and visit others in the linky, there will only be a couple of us and it would be great to encourage each other.  

Wishing you a blessed week ahead, Mich x

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