Friday 25 October 2013

Wet woodland walk

Last Sunday after Church our family decided we would get out together and take a trip to the beach, nothing fancy just a nice walk together, chatting, catching up on our week, a bit of stone skimming and I expect some shell and stone collecting, Miss E can't seem help herself. Sadly just as we went to leave the house the rain came and boy did it come. Enough so that my boys did not want to go out any more. Not to be deterred by some water, the girls and I decided we would head out for a wet woodland walk round our lake and see what we could find.

The girls are still at that age when jumping in puddles is great fun and who am I to say no?

It really was pouring down and by the time we got home just over an hour later we had to strip to our underwear in the hall as we were truly saturated but we got some exercise and we had fun, that's most important.  The clothes can just be washed and dried!

We had some excellent finds on our trip out - conkers, sweet chestnuts, a marvellous toadstool, a whole load of mushrooms and even the most enormous shell from a freshwater mussel that a Heron must have fished out of the lake.

Take a peek at how happy my girls are collecting their conkers -

I'm really thankful to Mark Warner holidays who have challenged me get out with my family for all of October and be active together. It would have been so easy to have just stayed indoors but we would have missed out on the fun.

Have you had a good week, how have you managed to get active this week?

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