Thursday 31 October 2013

JJ's Reasons to be Cheerful (week 44, year 3)

Early each week I start to think about what might be the basis of my #R2BC post for that Thursday. Whilst lots of lovely things have been happening, nothing sprung straight to mind this week, so I asked my 10 year old JJ what was making him cheerful right now.

*  Instant answer 'doh Mum, it's half term'.  Oh yes of course, great reason to be cheerful, no getting up at 7am to stress before heading off to school at 8.20am. Some lazy days, visiting Nanny & Granddad, Daddy off later in the week, a trip to London for a Guinness World Records event - yep a good week ahead.

*  'What else?' I say. His second instant answer made me smile a lot too. 'The internet, I love it that I can play Minecraft again'. Yes I can agree on this one too, we had our own internet set up last Wednesday and what a blessing to again be able to watch something on iPlayer, It is still slow and it cuts out occasionally but it is a massive improvement on what we did have.

*  'Go on, keep going' I urge him and that is it, he is off on a roll and starts to throw reasons at me. We are visiting Nanny and that means I get to walk Archie, yesterday we had a great meal with some friends from Daddy's work, we are going to see Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 at the weekend, we live in a great place now, I got a trick hand buzzer today and that is so cool etc etc

It seems that my 10 year old is a pretty cheery chap and he can manage to find 101 reasons to be cheerful. How wonderful, just what I want to hear.

So now you know what is making JJ cheerful this week, go on and share what has cheered you up. Are you feeling particularly grateful?

It could be something massive or it might just be the everyday simple things that happen. If you are new to Reasons to be Cheerful then take a look at the background to this linky and my rational for starting it 3 years ago.

Write a post and link it up, no rules, just as long as you have written about something which is adding a smile to your face or rocking your world then I’m happy. Then link up the post, add in the blog hop code to your post if you fancy and then people can go from post to post nice and easily. Don't forget that linkys only work if you go and visit some other bloggers who have linked up, even if you only comment on 1 or 2 it makes a difference. Tweet with #R2BC and I'll give you an RT too.

Wishing you a fabulous week ahead, Mich x

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