Thursday 22 August 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful - short and simple (week 34, year 3)

Hello and happy Thursday,

I hope life is going well for you.  If you are in the throes of the school summer holidays then I pray they have been as stress free as possible. Having the kids every day for six weeks or more sure is hard work! This is my first real insight to that as normally I'm a part-time working mum and I still get some respite at work. This year of course that has all changed and I know it is a blessing and I'm very lucky but it takes a bit of getting used to.

I'm going to the short and simple approach to my #R2BC this week, here they are -

1.  We are going on holiday on Monday.  We are heading to the New Forest to stay in a lodge at Shorefield Country Park and we get to try out the spa and restaurant as part of our review. I love being a blogger, it is so awesome of be able to do amazing things together as a family that we would never be able to afford otherwise. The big highlights for me will be five whole days with dh (who it feels like we have not seen properly for weeks) and getting to swim with the kids every day.

2.  Amazing neighbours and living in community. It feels like a big weight off my mind to know we can go away Monday and I can shout it from the rooftops. If you are a burglar and you know where I live it does not matter as you'll know I live as part of a community now and we have the most amazing neighbours in and out of our house when we are not here.

3.  This weekend we have 2000 odd Christians coming on site for a Church weekend and we get to join in with their fun. The kids are already signed up for the fun children's groups and  I can either opt to have 3 hours a day to myself or go to one of their sessions.

4.  Spending one-on-one time with Miss M today. It's funny how things end up, none of the kids wanted to come out to the shops with me today as they all felt they had better options but it turned out Miss M was to come and we had a lovely time. Just two hours together chatting and shopping and as a bonus we found the most divine deli and coffee shop.

The biggest babychinno ever!

Now it is over to you - what is making you cheerful and grateful this week?

If you are new here, welcome.  Do go and have a read about why I started Reasons to be Cheerful and what I feel the key to happiness is. This is a very inclusive linky, it does not come with lots of rules. I just ask for common courtesy, write your post and link it up, then comment and say hi to a couple of other linked up bloggers. They should hopefully come and visit you too and we are all happy - comment love shared all round. Just a word to say I probably won't get to comment round all this week due to my holiday!

#R2BC Blogger of the Week
This weeks shout out goes to Kate who blogs at Kate on Thin Ice and the Naked Mum blog. She was one of the first bloggers to join in with this linkey and has probably been the most faithful over time. She has a few weeks off and then pings back and always has the longest lists of gratitude I have seen. It is fabulous that she works so hard to be cheerful, despite what might be going on in life for her. Having met Kate in real life a few times now I know her to be a warm, friendly and sincere lady..... go say hi!

Have a fabulous week ahead, catch you soon.  Be blessed, Mich x

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