Sunday 25 August 2013

Dressing up for the MAD Blog awards

I can't believe how fast this year is passing, in just under a month I'll be in London to attend the MAD blog awards and that is super exciting. I'm very humbled to be there as a finalist in the Outstanding Contribution Award, there are 10 of us in this category and every one of the finalists is a blogger I admire. Of course the truth is that I don't really feel I deserve to be in this list but it is wonderful anyway.

I've been to the MADS once before and had a great time, I hold very fond memories of spending the early hours sat outside a bar with about six good friends drinking wine once the awards had finished. This year will be even more exciting as the MADs team have excelled themselves and the awards are being held at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington. I went to a Christmas party at this hotel back in 1997 and it was really good, so I have high hopes for a swish evening.

Talking of it all being a bit posh I really need something nice to wear. Thankfully I'm quite long in the blogging tooth now and this means that I have not been stressing for months about what I shall wear like I did in 2011. Back then M&S sponsored me to get an outfit and due to my size and the time of year it was I could hardly find anything to wear. This time I'll be wearing a dress I have worn before and feel good in. It is slightly too long, so I have about 3 weeks to get it taken up as I don't want to kill myself in the 4 inch spiked heels I wore last time.

You can't see my dress too well as my girls are hiding it but it gives you the idea!

That reminds me that I need to look for a new pair of shoes to go with my dress and I've been looking at the Clarks shoes range at Littlewoods and chosen these black patent court shoes, they do have a 3 inch heel but with it being a bit chunky and having a small platform sole I believe they will be comfy for a nights dancing. At £69 they are an investment but I always think Clarks shoes are worth it and if I am feeling a bit decadent they do them in a wine colour and that would match my dress too, so it depends if I am feeling sensible or fanciful.

I also like the look of these sling backs and the great thing with them is that they are reduced to just £31 and that is a real bargain for these elegant evening shoes. Ohh decisions, decisions.

Anyway I have to hold off for another week as my house sale is due to complete next week and then I feel like I have license to treat myself so I can indulge in a bit of shopping and maybe just book myself a room at the Royal Garden Hotel too!

Nights like this are always a paradox for me as I long to be there and enjoy it but I also feel like I don't deserve to be there and the inner child in me always rears her head and reminds me of the young Michelle who sat behind a curtain for a whole birthday party as she did not feel wanted. I think it is about time I grew up and started to value myself a bit more, don't you?

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