Friday 12 July 2013

Let go and let God

I'm sat in dh's office at his new work as this is the only place I am able to get any internet at the moment. When I started to type this post 20 minutes ago it was titled 'I need a good grumble'. I had got about four sentences in when a colleague of dh's popped her head in the door and said hello.

Within ten minutes she reminded me that I don't need to be getting so stressed about any kind of small rubbish in my life.  God has my back, He is awesome and I could not be in better hands.

I need to let go and stop worrying.  Let God do His job and allow Him to be God Mich, that is what you need to remember.

Today the kids trialled their new school and they all enjoyed themselves, JJ even uttered the words epic and that in itself is epic. The major thing about this weekend was them coming to their new school and that worked out, they are happy and feel good. End of Mich, stop worrying about the small stuff -
  • So you have extremely limited internet access here, God obviously has other plans
  • So the house is taking longer to sell than you had hoped and you are now worrying about money, you know He will always provide for the faithful
  • and Miss M coming off her scooter last night and you all spending 3 hours at A&E? Well, at least you know where it is now and she is fine
  • Then your burger at dinner tonight was inedible, maybe you were supposed to eat less
You have so little to be grumbling about in your life Mich, chin up and thank the Lord for the blessing of a weekend ahead as the five of you together. As Miss M said the other day, we need some family time.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings you bring to my life, help me to remember them and count myself lucky as one of your children.

An extremely old picture of us all but the only one I have available to me right now!

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