Monday 22 July 2013

Cadbury refrigerator cake for the girls birthday #Cbias

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We are on holiday this week in Poole, Dorset with the grandparents and the kids are having super fun - beach, swimming, play parks, dog walks - all the things they enjoy. Poor Daddy has been left home but we will see him soon enough. Last week it was the girls 6th Birthday and this holiday was what they chose instead of a party. Good news for me as I get to enjoy this too. A party - not so much so!

As they did not really have a proper birthday cake on their birthday as it was a school day and we are in the throws of packing and house moving at the moment I told them we could make a cake together on holiday. They loved the idea of this and as soon as we got to the house we checked out the kitchen for equipment. Well it seems I overestimated a holiday/student let and we really did not have the kit for a decent cake. Quick thinking of my feet had me suggesting that we make a refrigerator/ rocky road type cake together. They were thrilled with this idea and off we set off to Asda to buy lots of ingredients including some yummy Cadbury chocolate (my favourite, inherited from my Dad who is Dairy Milk crazy).

This is what we bought ourselves, the girls decided they did not want raisins and cherries in their refrigerator cake, but instead we would have crunchie and curly wurly pieces!

Miss E and I got to work in the kitchen and yet again found a few shortcomings we had to get round. The scales did not have a bowl with them and we did not have any cling-film. Not to be deterred we soldiered on! A plastic tub and some ripped open freezer bags did the job for us.

Cadbury Curly Wurly and Crunchie Refrigerator Cake

Ingredients -
5 oz Cadbury Dairy Milk
5 oz Bourneville dark chocolate
6 oz digestives biscuits
4 oz golden syrup
4 oz unsalted butter
2 crunchie bars 
2 curly wurlys
1/2 packet small marshmallows

Method - 

1. measure out all your ingredients

2. Cover a shallow lipped square/oblong dish in cling-film and leave overhang (or bags if like me you don't have any cling-film - it worked fine)

3. Prepare the items you want to go in your refrigerator cake, for us this meant bashing the digestives with a rolling pin, bashing the Crunchies and cutting up the Curly Wurlys into small bits

4. Place the broken up chocolate, butter and golden syrup in a bowl over hot water and melt (I had to place my bowl in, which was not ideal but it worked)

5. Miss M came to join in at this stage, mix the hot melted chocolate into all the other ingredients and make sure they are all well coated.

6. Place the mixture into your cling filmed dish and decorate the top with marshmallows, sweets, nuts - whatever you fancy putting in it. Then put it in the fridge overnight to set well.

7. Chop into manageable pieces and serve with a nice cool glass of milk (for them) or a cup of tea (for us adults)

Yum - can you see those pieces of Crunchie in there?  I'd highly recommend using cut-up Curly Wurly too - it is really good!

I'm pleased to say that my little ladies were very happy with their cake and although it was not the traditional sponge with candles it was enjoyed none the less.

What do you put in your refrigerator cake - any good tips for us?

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