Wednesday 17 April 2013

Overflowing with gratitude #R2BC, week 16, year 3

Happy Thursday, How are you today?

I fill like I'm going to spill over if I'm not careful - I feel so grateful at the moment about all the changes that are going on in our life.  Yes I am beyond busy right now, but it is good and focused and importantly for me I feel it is totally led by the Lord.

Here is what is making me happy right now -
  1. My Mum was here for a few days last weekend and it was so nice to spend some time with her, I hope to have lots more of that when we move and I'm not chained to work.
  2. The kids seem to be adopting a positive attitude about our move and they are realising how wonderful it will be for them - countryside, 5 miles from the beach and Mummy home. 
  3. They also seem to have got to an age where they can play together without too much bickering - long may it last!
  4. Today the estate agent did the pictures of our house and dh was here to do the tidying and staging. We just need agreed particulars now and we are on the market!
  5. Yesterday we choose paint colours for our new house. How fabulous is that?  We can choose them and it all gets painted for us... yay! *air punch*
  6. At work we had an external trainer in today running a social media course and it went very well, some peoples eyes were opened and I even learnt a couple of new things.
  7. Talking of social media, the guru that is Maggy (of Red Ted Art fame) has reignited my passion for FB and I am vowing to start using my blog page properly. I want to get people engaging and enjoying, rather than just pushing our blog posts.
  8. This Saturday we are off to a blog event for Pizza Express and the kids will make their own pizzas. I have no idea who else is going but it is ages since I've said yes to an event so we will enjoy!
  9. I'm off work Friday and the house is tidy and clean, so I can rest, blog and enjoy....  I need that down time!
Shall I go on?  I could, honestly I'm pretty sure at least another 10 points would easily flow out. But I'll leave it there or you might feel pressured to post loads too. Of course I know that I can't compete with Kate on Thin ice as she is always the best #R2BC writer.

Now I hand over to you.... come and join in!

If you are new to Reasons to be Cheerful or #R2BC as we affectionately call it then check out HERE and read why I started this meme 2.5 years ago.  I find my outlook on life is so different when I am choosing to be happy and focusing on the positive in life, even when times are hard. Write a post (be creative, there are no real rules), pop the blog hop code in your post, link it up and go and visit a few others, leave some comment love and I'm sure others will come to you and do the same. Community is what makes a linky what it is.

Have a blessed week, Mich x

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