Tuesday 12 February 2013

TTFN Blog.......

Real Life Calls
Today is Shove Tuesday and for most people in the UK that means pancakes and I'll be honest it means pancakes for my family too. We will be having our pancakes at our pastors house with all the other kids from our church and I expect there to be madness and mayhem - the kids are looking forward to it already!

Shove Tuesday is a little more than pancake day for me thought ot be honest, it marks the last day before Lent and the 40 day period where Christians remember the sacrifice that Christ made for us on the cross. Many people choose to give something up for Lent and others choose to do something extra and take more time to reflect, repent, pray and remember the way Jesus suffered for us sins.

In preparation for Easter, as of tomorrow I'll be doing both of those things. I'll be abstaining from blogging, as right now that is the single thing that takes up the most time and I've committed to a personal bible study for half an hour every day in addition to my normal routine.

I know that I am very blessed but at the moment there are aspects of my life that I am not entirely happy with and I'm the only person who can make the necessary changes. So as I take the next 40 days to focus on Christ I'll also be having early nights, staying off the laptop more in general and being mindful in my eating and exercise.

This doesn't mean you won't see me for the next 6 weeks as I'm not on a computer ban, I'll still be dipping in and out of Facebook, Twitter and maybe even publishing the odd blog post (because after all Sundays are not part of the 40 days of Lent) I just won't be allowing blogging to dictate my life. I wrote a post late last year titled #RealLifeRocks and it still stands. For me 2013 is not the year of the blog..... not sure what it is the year of yet!

Oh and while I mention blogging taking over my life, I'll just say thanks so much to those who have already nominated my blog in the MAD blog awards. I'm sorry to disappoint but I am not putting myself out there for the awards this year, I'll leave all that fun to the newer bloggers but I sure hope to see you at the awards if I can persuade Sally to let me come along in a helper capacity!

Reasons to be Cheerful (#R2BC)
Will still go live every Thursday morning over at Seasider in the City. For the whole time I'm away Clare will take lovely care of you and you please take care of her as well, as she is a fragile flower really, underneath that tough exterior (She'll thank me for that!).

So I'm off now, I wish you a wonderful Lenten period and I will still be dipping in reading blogs so I hope to catch up with you.

God bless, Mich x