Tuesday 22 January 2013

Views of Minsk (Belarus) through my iPhone

About seven weeks ago I was in Minsk, the capital Belarus with Operation Christmas Child. It was such an amazing journey and one that will impact me for life.  This afternoon I have just spent an enjoyable couple of hours reliving my journey through Minsk as I prepared to share my faith journey for Church and the practical shoebox distribution for my children's school assembly.

Arriving at the beginning of December the snow was only just starting to fall and we saw it fall and fall as the week progressed. Whilst I delighted in about 3 inches of snow and temperatures of down to -8 degrees. I believe there is now about 10 inches of snow and temperatures more like -18 degrees! ekk

There is no logic to these photos, they are just shots I took as we travelled around the Minsk region with my trust iPhone, they will give you an insight into how the country looks. From the grandeur of the city to the poverty of some of the villages.

These photos have not been manipulated, they are as they were when I took them....

It might look a bit bleak and cold but it was well worth a visit, a real education for me!