Thursday 24 January 2013

Musical Reasons to be Cheerful (Year 3, week 4)

I'm always trying to think of different ways how I might express my Reasons to be Cheerful and this week I realised I had never done a musical edition, so here it is.

I have to tell you from the start that my taste in music is not that brilliant.  I do not have a great breath or depth of knowledge when it comes to music and particularly anything that is popular right now.  I am totally out of the loop.  I listen to Christian worship music 99% of the time, not because I'm brain washed but because I do really love it. The clarity and passion in the voices, the acoustic guitars and those drums, oh yes they take me to another place.

Songs can easily transport me back to another time and place, so I'll share with you a few songs that take me to very happy places -

First up, a bit of Paul Young - I'm 21 and not been with dh long, we both work as Assistant Managers in the same hotel in Eastbourne and after a (very) long shift we would lie in bed and listen to an album called 60s Soul, 90s Soul.  This is one of the songs that stands out for me.  I just played this and asked dh if he recalls this song and he remembered the same time as me, ahh I feel all warm.

Eric Clapton next, I'm not a fan in general, but this was the first dance at our wedding and dh sang it to me and as he is not the romantic type, it meant a lot.

Next I'm in 2006 and this wonderful song has just launched, within a few days I am struck with Bells Palsy and half my face paralyses for a few weeks. In the 6 weeks that followed I did a lot of thinking, praying and laying around listening to this song. Not so much a happy time but a very formative one.


Last I'll leave you with one of my favourite Christian songs, the words in this get me very time. I've just had a very enjoyable hour listening and singing along....


And now it is your turn, what is making you cheerful and grateful this week?

Why don't you join up with Reasons to be Cheerful this week? It is such a fabulous opportunity to stop and reflect on your life and to see the good in it. Have a read about what I believe and why #R2BC started, it has literally changed my life to have this weekly focus on what is good (or God) in life.  How easy is it to allow things to become doom and gloom?

There are an amazing group of people who join in with this linky, I call them my Cheerful gang and I am so grateful for each and every one of them. Some of them have been here since the very first post back in January 2011 and others just linked up for the first time last week but they all mean the world to me.

So if you want to join in, go for it.  We are a no rules kind of linky - you link up what you fancy (well as long as it is not just a blatant advert), a recipe, the simple things in life, photos, a story - whatever! Add in the blog hop code so people can travel around and then visit others and share the comment love.  I'll come and visit everyone who comments here at the weekend and do my bit....

Have a great week, Mich x