Wednesday 9 January 2013

Grateful for my JJ #R2BC (Week 2)

If I was going to write how I actually feel tonight I'd be saying I'm tired, worn down and feeling slightly anxious. There is no good reason for this, I think I'm just on the cusp of a cold and I need to sleep more.

But this is Reasons to be Cheerful and I do feel so grateful that I have to write this post tonight ready for publishing on Thursday morning as it is doing exactly what it is supposed to. Making me remember how blessed I am and forcing my focus onto the positives like the excitement of my girls who are starting Rainbows tomorrow night.

This is his preferred position, it made me chuckle earlier today when I realised he had put his
jester hat on his head to play minecraft!

This weeks post is about my boy though, I have a night away with him this weekend and we should have such fun together. A while back I entered a competition for by writing a post about how you encourage your children to save money and I was lucky enough to be picked as a finalist.

So early Saturday morning JJ and I are setting off on our own for the long journey to Chester. We are off to a De Vere Village Hotel for a full days fun activities for the kids where they will compete to win £1000! JJ is adamant he will win as he is very maths smart and savvy with his money but I have had to remind him that other finalists have far older children and thus we should just enjoy the fun of competing.

Not to mention that we will have laughs on the train just spending time together, swimming in the pool in the evening, enjoying a meal in the evening, some Saturday night TV and JJ is hopeful for a buffet breakfast.

24 hours in the company of this little joker is just what I need, I'm trying to ignore the 8 hours travel time and focus on the fact I can enjoy that time reading and listening to some podcasts.

New Year Day in London together

Do you fancy joining up this week?

Write a post about what is making you smile right now, grab the blog hop code and add it to your post, then link up here and go and visit people and share some comment love. Tweet with #R2BC if you fancy but really there are no rules here. Just do what feels right. Sadly I don't think I'll get to comment on everyones this weekend as I won't have wi-fi when I'm stuck on the train!

Wishing you a positive and peaceful week.  Mich x