Monday 24 December 2012

Take a nosey at our Christmas trees

I'm very late to the show but who is keeping watch of time hey? Cass at Diary of a Frugal Family set up a linky for us all to share our Christmas trees and I do love a good nosey, so time for me to link up and go and visit the others. I'm hardly expecting anyone to turn out here as it is Christmas eve after all.

This year we have two Christmas trees, I decided that I wanted an adult one in the front room, one where everything matches and then the kids had fun literally throwing decorations at the other. It appears that the bag with all their decorations has not made it down from the loft but they had fun with the coloured sparkly decorations I had bought ready for a Christmas tree festival this year.  I have to be honest and say I like their tree much more than mine.

I think next year we will go back to one tree and we will just put all our favourite decorations on it, I miss the mismatched, hotch potch approach that I remember from my childhood Christmases. I hope my parents still have some of my favourite decorations in their loft, I must ask them to have a look.

I find that decorations hold so many memories and that is far more important that the overall glamour (or not as the case may be) of a tree. Between our two trees we have decorations made by the kids, one that were bought when they all were born, decorations bought on honeymoon in Barbados and more recently some from my trip to Belarus. Ones chosen by the kids and ones bought for them, it really does represent my family and all the Christmases we have spent together and I love that.

Until this year we have alwasy had a tree entered in our local Christmas tree festival and thus have literally hundreds of decorations to choose from. My trip to Belarus with Operation Christmas Child this year stopped us taking part but hopefully we will be back with a vengence next year.

My tree in the lounge, which sadly you can't really see much of due to the lights! lol

And the kids tree - aren't the lights fab on the kids tree?