Thursday 20 December 2012

#R2BC - Christmas preparations with 2 little ladies (Week 51)

Hello, happy Thursday!

We are practically at the end of the year, I can't believe this is the 103rd week of Reasons to be Cheerful. Time really does pass quickly when you are having fun! Thanks again to all of you who keep me company on this, my weekly vigil.

Last weeks reason was the children I met in Belarus and all their happy smiles, this weeks reasons are my own two smallest beams of sunshine. I seriously need to remind myself of how much I adore them as they are driving me potty right now! It is a case of pre-Christmas fever and there is only so many Christmas carols I can tolerate when they are sung at the top of their voices!

We have had a lovely couple of weeks preparing for Christmas - wrapping presents, making crackers, making fudge, decorating the tree and so much more....

This is the shy and retiring Miss M!

and her twinnie Miss E

and the Hama bead decorations they had made and were hanging on their tree.
 After their school performance the little ladies pose for a random picture!
Posting letters to Father Christmas in John Lewis

Time to tell the nativity story....

Enjoying time just being together - finally we have completed the puzzle which took us days!
Over to you - what is making you grateful/ happy/ cheerful right now?
Write your post, add in the blog hop code and then go visit some fellow happy peeps. Tweet with #R2BC if you fancy but most of all have fun and share the comment love. I'll aim to come and visit you all - lets be honest, it is practically Christmas, I don't expect they will be that many of you!
If we don't speak before, have a fabulous Christmas!  Mich x