Sunday 4 November 2012

Mixing it up - a not so #silentsunday post!

It gets to the weekend and each week I want to join in with #SilentSunday but quite often I want words and I want more photos than one, so rather than always be naughty and break the rules I do a 'Not so #silentsunday' post and this is one of those!

Yesterday we had nothing planned and when I asked the kids what they wanted to do they all said they wanted a chilled PJ day.  Let me just say first off I'm not great with either chilled days nor PJ days.  Yes I love to stay home but my idea of a great day at home is achieving stuff and ticking things off my list - something I find incredibly hard to do with my little twinnies hanging round my ankles!  Give me a day off work when the kids are at school and I'm in my element.  I'm not naturally good at sitting round and just being. I'm not particularly good at playing with the kids either or just hanging out.  But I try my best and luckily they seem to like me anyway.

When I got up yesterday I decided to mix things up a bit and to try and be less predictable.  It had been a late night on Friday as we all stayed up to watch some local fireworks, in fact Miss E crowned Friday as 'her best day ever' which I thought was pretty awesome. The girls had got straight int their PJs and gone to bed and I promised I'd shower them in the morning, something that does not normally happen.

Not sure what came over me I offered the girls a bath after their breakfast and from 10 - 11am they had super fun playing together in the bath.  I expect it may have just been the novelty of a long daytime bath but they loved it and played so nice together.

It was a reminder to me to break the 'norm' sometimes and to step outside of what I know and do on a regular basis.  A change is as good as a rest they say and this did prove the case.

Saturday turned out to be a chilled day in regards to activity, here is what we got up to -

Yep you can see the day involved a load of slobbing and screen time in addition to craft, bath fun, shopping, homework and a yummy roast dinner!

Sometimes it is OK to just let them do what they fancy isn't it?  I don't always have to be in control - do I?

Have a great week, Mich x