Tuesday 5 June 2012

I've been for a Health MOT!

Last Thursday I went for a health MOT as part of the new ‘nudge’ initiative that I have been lucky enough to be signed up to at work. The results were pretty much as I expected, it is not as if I am blind to the fact that I am very overweight.  My BMI came out as expected at 41 and I think this was a bit shocking to the instructor, she advised me I should be looking to have a BMI of about 24 and realised that this is a big drop for me, probably about a 6 stone drop, so we agreed that I would start with a drop to 35, that in itself will be hard enough work.
What was a lovely surprise was that my cholesterol and blood sugar levels were excellent, both showed no problems at the moment and that certainly made me smile.  As a large person you are always warned of the damage you are doing to your body and I have wondered before if I am playing roulette with diabetes. I suppose truth be told I am still gambling but just coming out on top on these factors for now.
The MOT was a through one and I found out that my waist-to-hip ratio is very poor, my lung capacity is just below average and I need to improve my stretch.  My blood pressure came up with an appalling result and I will pop to the doctors and get this checked but to be honest I think it is inaccurate as previously the results have always been wrong when a small cuff is used.
I am due to go for another MOT in 3 months and I am wondering if I should just focus on this big goal. I find that weighing every week sends me a bit crazy and if the weight is down, I want to eat and celebrate and if the weight is off then I feel I can have a treat as I deserve it. I do have a very warped mind when it comes to weight loss.
The next MOT would be due to be in early September after all the summer holidays and festivities so in one way this feels like a very tough time to diet but to be honest I think the summer months are easier than the winter as generally people are less hungry in summer, so I am told.  I am not sure that has ever applied to me, but if I start to curb my eating and shrink my stomach a bit maybe it will.
My weight at the MOT wearing my clothes and trainers was 17st 9lb, which is where I was on 13th May 2012 when I started to think about weight loss again.  I did lose 3lb and I assume this has pretty much stayed off as that would have been a naked weight and trainers and clothes must weigh a couple of lbs. Anyway, today I have weighted my twins as part of their twin study (that is why I have scales at home) and I have now put them away, so I am not tempting to just jump on.
I have just started read a book by Sue Prosser called Stop dieting and Start Living and it looks good, it is written from a Christian perspective and I think that is important for me to think about getting my body fitter in the right way. I should not just be looking to be slimmer for vanity’s sake.
I had been starting to think about making a checklist for life over my last few weight loss update posts and I do think I need to carry that on.  Some of the changes that I need to make and habits I need to form are –
1.       Thinking positive about my ability to lose weight
2.       Eating mindfully, praying at the start of each day and before putting food in my mouth
3.       Drinking a glass of water before each meal
4.       Drinking more water in general (I was surprised at the MOT to find that my body is
5.       Exercising at least 3 times a week
6.    Remembering to take my vitamins each day
I have not made up my mind yet if I will be blogging about how I am doing during this 3 month journey or if I will just come back and report at the end.  The summer is an unpredictable period and I fully expect to blog less and have some breaks. So just expect to see me when you see me, I need to sort this for me and in my own way rather than fitting in with a pattern.
One day I’ll post and surprise you all and things will be going in the right direction.  I pray that will be soon, but if not I’ll keep on trying.  Perseverance can take you a long way….  Look at Thomas Edison and his thousands of attempts at getting the first incandescent lightbulb to work. He struck gold in the end and so will I!
But what about you?  How are things going?  Any super tips you want to share with me or is it just a case of just do it MIch!