Saturday 26 May 2012

This Mummy loves...

You know sometimes you just feel good and there is no big occasion making it happen, you are just content, happy with your lot in life and finding joy in all that you do.  Yep, that's me right now, lucky hey?

I seem to be taking a back seat blogging wise at the moment and making more time to focus on getting my weight and health sorted out, spending time with God and being with my family. As a result of this time away I am feeling good and thought I would share some things that I am loving....

The relationship between Miss E and her Alfie
6.40am and I am just finishing exercising when an audience appears and they sit there quietly and watch me. Just look how tired she is!

 The times when Miss M excels herself and manages to behave really well
This little lady getting herself ready for school in next to no time and being such a poppet the other morning, not a monkey tendancy in sight! yay

The relationship between my kids and their Daddy (my dh)
A couple of weekends back I went down to stay with my Nan for the weekend as she is unwell, this morning I was downloading pictures and found these from when I was away.  I know that my kids always have a good time when Daddy is looking after them but it is even nicer to see the pictures.

Miss M's passion for life
Then on the same camera, I find that Miss M has been practicising her photography skills and taken just over 100 pictures of completely random things.  Here is my favourite one that she took!

JJ learning to cook
My boy is so keen to be able to help out in the kitchen and luckily dh feels confident to equip him.  So they cooked us all a meal together and JJ has done his cooking badge with cubs now because of it.  The rice pudding was super yum.

What about you, anything making you smile right now?