Thursday 10 May 2012

#R2BC - Playing the Glad Game (week 19)

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

You will have probably seen me mention Polyanna before and my love of her ability to turn bad stuff on its head and look for the positive. So here I am doing the same -
  1. I woke up Tuesday and just did not want to go to work. However, I am so blessed to only have to work 3 days a week and Monday this week was a bank holiday - even better!
  2. My Nan has shattered her ankle. Thank the Lord that is all it was, she is 85 and getting more frail, it could have been far worse.

  3. I was supposed to be going on holiday this weekend with my Mum and Nan but now we cannot. Just think how much money I will save by not going!
  4. It still keeps raining. But who cares as we are lucky to have rain coats, umbrellas, wellies and a car!
  5. Gymnastics is costing me an arm and a leg for my 2 little ladies. However Miss M's obedience and listening and Miss E's confidence have both come on leaps and bounds - priceless! Here they are practising their new moves at home.....
You know the drill by now I am sure. Over to you, write yourself a cheerful/ grateful post and link up. Take the blog hop code and put it at the bottom of your post too and that way people can jump from blog to blog nice and easily. Go and share the blog love and comment and find yourself some new bloggy friends. Leave me a comment and I'll come and do the same for you, I noticed a real lack of comments as I visited the linked up posts so last week, so pretty please do visit at least a couple.

If you are new to R2BC, then go check out HERE what it is all about and if you want to tweet then #R2BC is the hashtag of choice.

Enjoy your week and keep Polyanna in mind!  Mich x

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