Tuesday 22 May 2012

Our best family getaway.... & win with Volvo

When I was asked the question 'where was your best family getaway/ holiday?' I started a serious trip down memory lane. I absolutely love to get away with my family and holidays are a real time to be cherished. Dh and I become so relaxed and I am sure the kids must think they have new parents, if only I could be like that every day!

I was really torn but I think I'll have to go with our summer holiday last year.  We spent a week in Bournemouth and my Mum and Dad came to join us, this meant that dh and I could have evenings out on our own and our Children adore their grandparents.  The sun shone lots and we were able to spend quality family time on the beach, in the park and enjoying meals together.  Nothing too expensive or fancy, just good old fashioned British family fun - perfect!

And talking of family fun I'd love to win some tickets for Go-Ape, a glamping weekend or days out with my family courtesy of Volvo. Wouldn't you?

On 27th May Volvo are running a super competition on Twitter and the great news is that to enter you do not need to jump through any hoops, yay!  Each hour @VolvoCarUK will tweet questions such as 'Where was your best family getaway' and you will need to respond using the #V60Getaway hashtag and then voila you may just get lucky and win a prize,  I am coveting the Merlin annual passes that will be up for grabs. When I first heard about this competition I did hope that Volvo might have been giving away one of their V60 cars but I had got a bit carried away with myself.

Funny how things change, in years gone by as a child I recall referring to Volvo's as tanks and thinking I would never drive one and now I would happily sit behind the wheel of one of their stylish and ultra safe cars. I was a bit awe-struck when I read that the V60 has the facility to detect pedestrians who might step out into the road unexpectedly and also to monitor the traffic ahead and apply the breaks if necessary to help avoid a collision.  Sounds perfect, I had no idea that cars could do these sort of things.  I certainly know some distracted drivers who could do with these features. Add those special extras to a very sexy looking car and I would be happy to bag myself a Volvo V60 if I had a spare £25K. Anyway enough dreaming from me....  back to real life and only 9 weeks until we head off for our next family holiday together.

So don't forget - follow @VolvoCarUK now and then on Sunday 27th May tweet the answer to their questions using the hashtag #V60getaway for a chance every hour of the promotion to win super family prizes.

Very best of luck to you (and me! lol).  Mich x

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