Monday 2 April 2012

Is there really a cure for being a chocoholic?

I am feeling a little depressed at the moment if I am honest, I have lost something and I am not sure it is something I wanted to shed.  All my life it has been there to get me through the highs and lows and basically just to be enjoyed but something has changed.

They say be careful what you wish for because when you get your hearts desire you might not want it anymore and that is sort of the case here.  For today I am in mourning, mourning at the loss of my enjoyment of chocolate.

You have probably seen me mention Thinking Slimmer Slimpods before.  About last August I received the lose 2 dress sizes one and when I remember to listen to it consistently it helps me loads to make better decisions and I do believe it was the spur behind my exercise kick that has been started this year.  I was then offered the Chocoholic cure a while back and again I listened to it consistently for a good 6 weeks.

It was then Lent and I felt compelled to give something up that would really be a a hardship for me and I chose chocolate. I know God is on my side and he has been helping me with abstaining from chocolate but I also gave some credit to the slimpod.  I have to be honest and say that I have not really listened for the last couple of weeks, the kids and I have all been poorly and it has fallen down my list of priorities.

Early last week I received a lovely impromptu gift from Nick Jr, a box of Green and Blacks Easter goodies and my desire kicked in.  I put the box up high and out of sight and managed to resist it lures for a few days.  Then on Thursday I decided I could just have a  small bit of chocolate. Lent and the reason for my abstinence seemed to have left my mind and I was on a quest for chocolate.  Ohh dear, old habits die hard...

I made a cup of tea and broke off some squares, I sat down in full expectation of bliss and nothing, the joy I once felt from chocolate, the elation was not there.  I stopped eating it and carried on with what I was doing, only to find that 20 minutes later my stomach was in terrible pain and I had to rush to the loo (sorry TMI, but I am making a point here).

The next day I helped out at school with an Easter egg hunt for the kids.  All the kids came home with a Cadbury egg and they offered me some egg.  Again my heart started to pound and the expectation of something delicious was triggered.  I figured yesterday was a one off and took a bite and again boom back to earth, nothing. The egg tasted rubbish and I did not enjoy it.  I stopped at that one mouthful.

I can report that I still have desires for chocolate but that whenever I try to eat it I am disappointed.  It has lost its appeal, it tastes rubbish and even upsets my stomach.

This should be good news right?  Yes, I logically know it is, breaking this addiction could be the start of something great for me but for now just let me mourn the loss of my beloved chocolate  and in answer to my original question, is there a cure for being a chocoholic?  It seems the answer is yes if you have a chocoholic cure slimpod.

I am linking this post up to the #InnerTruth blog hop (if it is on this week?)

Disclaimer:  I was provided with my slimpods free of charge but I have not been pressured to write about them.

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