Monday 23 April 2012

Come Sow with Me....

Have you seen the new meme that the lovely Melitsa over at Play Activities launched last week?  It would be super if you fancy joining in, it is very simple and fun but could have a massive impact.

A couple of weeks back my girls got out in the garden with dh and they planted seeds, an abundance of seeds that are now growing tiny shoots and becoming strong enough to plant out in our raised veggie patch and old recycling containers that we re-use. This year we are having lettuce, cucumber, peas, carrots, broccoli and we will also plant some potatoes that we have left to seed over the winter months.

Last year was our first year venturing into home grown produce and we loved it. The thrill of picking our green beans off the plant and then eating them fresh was great. We are all looking forward to having a good harvest again this year. Already within a week all the shoots have sprouted and we have small plants ready to go outside.

Label up all the sticks to identify what is planted where
and the exciting bit....  open up the seeds
Let the planting commence...
If only it was this easy the world over....  sadly not! 

You will have seen me blog before about @ONECampaignUK and their new #LetsThrive campaign which launched a couple of weeks back. This Come Sow with Me meme is in support of their fabulous drive to get the average person to sign up to their petition and offer their voice.  No money involved, just sign up to confirm your agreement that donor governments and African leaders and the private sector need to team up to make smart investments in farms, food and the future.

The G8 summit will be held on 18 - 19 May 2012 and the #ONEMums are asking you to sow one and send one before then...

1. Sow one- Show your commitment to agriculture in the developing world by planting a seed at home.
2. Send one- By signing the petition, you will add your name to thousands of others (155,998 as I look at it now) who stand together to help reach the goals of Thrive.

You can also go a step further and send a message too. Here are a few practical ideas of what you can do now -
  • Send a letter to your elected officials asking your country’s leader to support effective, sustainable programs that save lives.
  • Send people to ONE to sign the petition
  • Keep up to date with the campaign by following ONE on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, youtube
  • Share a living proof video (these are really inspirational and share all the good news stories)
  • Share updates on your seed growing on your blog and link them up at Play Activities.
In a week my small people made this happen -

and it has been another 4 or 5 days too and if it wasn't raining down outside I'd get another picture. How blessed we are to have land to plant on, fertile soil, seeds available to us, tools to use and the rain to nurture our plants.  If only that could be said the world over.

I am tagging the following bloggers to join in  (pretty please)-

Kate Takes 5 who is a newbie to all things growing
Chris at Thinly Spread because Chris is helping Kate's kids growing at the moment
Jen at Mum in the Madhouse as I know she likes to garden with her boys
Laura at Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy because I think she might enjoy it
Mummy at The Boy and Me as I keep spotting her commenting on Chris posts!

If you can join in ladies, thanks.  It is for a wonderful cause and you'll have a fab time too.  Please link your posts up at Play Activities so ONE can use the posts as more evidence of interest in beating world poverty.