Thursday 29 March 2012

#R2BC - Week 13, Breaking the Routine

This week I am grateful for breaks in routine.  You know when things change and you never dared to hope that they might? A change is as good as a rest they say and I must say I have always found this to be true myself. Here are the changes I am celebrating right now -
  1. Miss M is going to sleep without fuss.  This is massive and means that I am not having any anxiety during my evenings.  Miss M has slept through for a very long time now but we still had lots of fussing at bedime. 'Mum, I want the loo, I need a drink, my covers are not straight, can I have a tissue?'  etc etc  but for at least the last 2 weeks, she has kissed us, snugled down and gone to sleep, quietly!  hooray

  1. When the boys headed off to cubs last night my girls were still in the garden playing and instead of calling them straight in for baths I decided to take them out for a bike ride.  Why, I have no idea but it was just lovely.  The weather was fine and we ended up at the park and enjoyed an impromptu half-hours play.
  2. Instead of working a whole day yesterday I finished at lunchtime and headed out to meet lots of lovely girl friends from my bible study group and we enjoyed a nice Chinese buffet together. Light hearted chat and some food together was great.
  3. Next week we are off to Spring Harvest and this will be a complete break from all routine.  To say I can not wait would be the undertstament of the year.  Not only will we be there havign some well needed family time but my Dad will be at ours doing a spot of decorating for us - thanks Dad!
And over to you....  what is making you all cheery this week?  Where is your gratitude coming from?  Write a post, link it up and go visit some others and share some love. 

Here is a little heads up.  My super friend Fay will be next weeks #R2BC host, so you will need to hop over to hers to link up next week.

Thanks for joining in.  Have a great week, Mich x