Sunday 25 March 2012

Help, My Poppet has turned into the Pixie!

I've blogged before that my twinnies are chalk and cheese and that fact does not seem to be changing as they get older.  In July my girls will turn 5 and it is hard to believe that these little delicate ladies -

have turned into these not so delicate ones -

but still totally lovable luckily!

In the main I am really enjoying this fourth year of their lives, they have properly bloomed into people with full on characters and totally individual personalities. My twin mum friend Wendy told me years ago when my twinnies were born to always expect the unexpected with twins.  As soon as you label one - the naughty one, the good sleeper, the taller or anything else, they would then throw you a curve ball and swap and I totally believe her. For the first 3-4 months of her life Miss E was extremely high maintenance and squealed constantly and then Miss M thought she would have a piece of that and proceeded to squeal for the next few years. I am pleased to report that in the main neither of them squeal any longer.

More recently though, Miss E is trying her hand at being the naughty one.  This is a role her twin has had perfected for quite some time, their pet names are Poppet and Pixie after all, but now it seems Miss E is developing her defiant strand and is trying to branch out and be a bit naughty. Recent examples have seen her writing on the woodwork, cutting her PJs, writing on a kids chair, scalping her girls world and I am sure there a few others that are not instantly springing to mind.  The problem we have though is that when Miss M is naughty she can then tough out the ticking off and pull a good 'am I bothered?' face. Miss E can't, oh no she hates being told off by Mummy and comes sidling up to me saying sorry, she won't do it again and by the way 'I really love you Mummy'.

I'm sure this new phase is just about finding out who she is and seeing if she likes testing the boundaries. I can't imagine it will last long and most people would say she is the quiet or shy one, but boy does she have a fabulous talent for getting Miss M to do exactly what she wants.  If they want the same thing, who is the first to be gracious and give in?  My more subdued Miss E? Oh no, that will be the ballsy and loud one, Miss M.  Nothing is ever quite as simple as it seems on the face of it.

The important thing to remember is that everyone, child or adult is unique and constantly changing and that is the danger of labels, we grow into them. In my case as the 'fat one', quite literally!

Have you found that your children or siblings ended up being labelled?  and if so, did they end up living up to the label? 

Note: Miss M is regularly praised for her good behaviour and Pixie is just a pet name I have for her on here and not one that is spoken to her.