Thursday 9 February 2012

#R2BC - Wk 6 Pick of the New Parenting Bloggers

Happy Thursday. 

How are you all feeling today?  I am feeling good and really looking forward to my pilates lesson this morning and then I am seeing a friend for a spot of lunch and I am not back to work until 20th Feb.  How cool is that?   Super lucky me.  Now, if only the snow will stay away so that my Mum can come up and stay that will be just perfect!

Well, you have probably seen that New Bloggers Fortnight is in full swing now.  We have already had great posts from DorkyMum and Actually Mummy and there are about another 10 posts lined up for your enjoyment but for today....

We have the pick of the new parenting bloggers.  Last year I posted a couple of times with my predictions of the new parenting bloggers that I thought were worth a nosey round. I just revisited those 2 posts and I was pleased to see I did good, most of the bloggers I mentioned have gone from strength to strength and are still blogging now.

Now without further ado here is this years list....

Just Another Muther - who drew me in with a post about sex after babies.  We know how I love a bit of honesty.

From Slummy to Yummy Mummy - I was nearly put off by the name of the blog as I hate all the slummy/ yummy terms but actually I really enjoyed her post about the mousewife.

Adventures of a middle aged matron - if you have missed this blog so far, then you have missed a treat, this journalist has the gift and not only that she seems really human!

In a different voice - is a blog written by a twin mummy (there had to be one in here, didn't there!) and she has had a rather successful couple of weeks blog wise after writing a post about gender stereotyping bicycles.

Three years, one stone and then home - I have been over to this blog quite a few times now and I think you can tell a great blog when you have no idea it is new.

Mums the Word - another blog that really engaged me from the word go!  An all round good read with a great dash of humour.

and lastly a recommendation from Helen at Actually Mummy. The mad ramblings of Mrs Aspinall is an honest and fun blog.  I really enjoyed her post about her 70 something parents - love is alive at any age!

So now over to you all.  Write your cheery posts and link them up. If you feel like sharing some blog love then recommend a new blogger as well as sharing your reasons.  Link up and leave me some comment love.  I'll be doing the rounds this weekend and coming to visit you all.

Oh and don't forget to tweet too, we use #R2BC.

Enjoy the weekend! Mich x

Ohh and before you go....  I just remembered I am supposed to tell you that next week #R2BC will be over at Seasider in the City.  Clare is one of the founder members of #R2BC and she has posted as many posts as I have.  We have both missed one in the 58 weeks of posting so far.  So please make sure you join in next week and show Clare some blogger love.  She is one of the nicest bloggers I know and has become a great friend. I will be posting, but I'll use my review blog as things are a bit busy here with New Bloggers Fortnight.