Sunday 22 January 2012

Taking YouTube by Storm!

Sadly not me taking YouTube by storm, the most views one of my videos has had is about 1000 and that is my girls dancing to the Zingzillas music, amazing what people want to look at!

No this video is pretty special in my opinion. It is called Why I hate Religion but love Jesus. Have you seen it?  It was only uploaded a week ago but already it has had over 15 million views.  I watched it the other day and all that came out of my mouth was WOW! I thought it is awesome and has some amazing messages in there. 

For a long time I have told people that I am not Religious I have Faith, but this poem just takes me to a new level and makes me think about my life and how I am living it.  Now don't get me wrong I know this can be hard to understand, I am a Christian and of course that is a Religion, I can not deny that.  When I say I am not religious I mean that I do not strive to follow a set of rules for life, nor turn up at Church to show off how great and Holy I am. My belief is that to be a good Christian and to follow my faith and be faith filled I have to strive to be like Jesus.  In every situation I need to be the good Samaritan and offer my help and love to all people.  Yes that is exceedingly hard and yes I fall short but through a continuing relationship with Christ I improve and live better.

I see on YouTube there are already loads of videos in response to this video, a couple of interesting ones are a Catholic Response and this one. I don't think any of them are perfect but it does make me very happy to think that 15 million people are thinking/ chatting about Jesus.

I would be interested in your view. What do you think of this?  Especially if you are not a Christian, does it impact you at all?

Can I just say that as far as I am concerned the message of this video is not aimed at any particular religion.