Wednesday 25 January 2012

I want to be a girl in the 1980's again....

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JJ and I were having a chat this morning about reading and he told me that on Saturday he read a book in a day.  Now he is only 8 but I can totally believe this as he loves reading as much as I do.  I can recall being slightly older than him, at about 12 years and taking a whole day reading a Judy Blume book or perhaps one of the Sweet Valley High series...  ohh those were the days.  I started to reminisce and think back to the 80's when I had just turned 8 like JJ and recall all those wonderful early teenage years in the 1980's.

Life was very different then!

You know you were a girl in the 1980's when......

*  You wore Rimmel pink shimmer lipstick and Body Shop White Musk or Fuzzy Peach perfume.

*  The serious decision you had to make was would you marry John Taylor from Duran Duran or George Michael from Wham  (of course nowadays we know that one would not have worked out well at all!)

*  Your most valuable life lessons were learned from Jackie and Just 17 magazine.

*  You had your hair permed so you could look like Sharon from Eastenders (yes really!)

*  Your parents let you play out in the street, you could just walk up the road and knock on your friends front door and ask if they were coming out to play.  No play dates, no tea at each others houses.  Just running around the street like loonies playing Tin Tan Tucker or 50/50 Home.

*  You owned at least 2 pairs of luminous socks, so you could wear odd ones.

*  The t-shirt you wore either said 'Relax' or 'Fame' on it.

*  You thought a Chopper was such a cool bike and you collected Garbage Pail Kids cards.

*  Phrases such as 'ohh I could crush a grape' and 'I could wrestle with an actionman' were just a part of everyday life.

*  You wore fingerless gloves and lace in your hair, thinking you were so cool.

*  A big treat was to be bought a Cornetto and your family would sing the advert!

Were you a child in the 1980's. What do you recall?