Friday 4 November 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful: Keeping Perspective

I'm like a bad smell aren't I?  There is just no getting rid of me, I say I am on a break and I keep popping up, but you know what?  Being on a bloggy break is just a state of mind I have found.  I do not actually have to be keeping away totally I just have to be keeping perspective and for some strange reason, thinking to myself that I am taking a break gives me the OK to blog sporadically and without worrying about anything bloggy.  It is working for me right now, so I am going with it.

I had no intention of doing a #R2BC post this week.  I knew that Ems would be doing a fab job guest hosting it over at A matter of Choice but after a conversation yesterday I just could not resist.....  I am feeling just a little bit excited and I just need to share...

I am going to be speaking at BritMums Live next June.  How fab is that?  Little old me is going to share my blogging experience and advice.  I am going to be using this date as a goal for my weight loss and I hope to be there feeling really good in my skin and not having got all silly and stressed like I did in the run up to CyberMummy.

Generally I am feeling very happy and grateful right now, my diet is going well and I have been abstinent from compulsive overeating for a few days, my nails are lovely and long (and that is always a visual indicator of my general health and wellbeing).

I am so grateful for the gift of perspective.  Yesterday I did all the things I needed to do including going to the gym, going to my eating disorder meeting and taking time to chill and it would be so easy to beat myself up that I achieved nothing and that the house still needed cleaning and the ironing remained not done but perspective reminds me that only when Mich feels balanced and content is the world good and that is far better than checking tasks off a list!

Also my house feels wonderful and the kids are really enjoying their new bedrooms which Granddad sorted for them (photos below).

I am looking forward to a super family weekend - I hope you have something nice planned too!

Pop over to Ems and link up your #R2BC post.  Take a look HERE if you are new to this and want to know more.

Love you all, Mich x