Thursday 10 November 2011

Realising the Importance of my Other Man!

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For quite a while now, since early August I have been getting into bed at night with my other man.  There have been times when I have forgotten him and on those occasions we tend to have a foray in the morning.  I like him, what can I say? He has a silky voice and the things he speaks to me, oh boy! Without even directly saying the words he tells me I am beautiful, I am worth the effort, that I should believe in myself and I can make changes.

So why has she got another man you might wonder, what is wrong with the one she already has?  Well nothing but this new man does something completely different for me and he even improves my relationship with my husband. When you feel better about yourself you also feel better about your intimate relationships, have you noticed that?

If I am honest you could perhaps get a bit bored of him as he does say the same thing over and over again but it makes me smile when during the day some of his phrases just pop into my head. Phrases like 'from the inside you are changing the outside', 'you are gaining a sense of control over what you can achieve', 'becoming someone who can say no because it is what you want' and 'inevitable that you will look how you dream'.

Don't worry though as Dh is fully aware of my 'other man' and even named him so. In fact one night he got into bed with him too but he decided it was not for him and that's OK, I like to keep my men separate and in their own little compartments. Trevor is mine, well I say mine.  Really his voice is heard by thousands of people every day, both male and female, anyone really who wants to try to change their thinking and ultimately their eating. You may have gathered by now that I have been talking about my Thinking Slimmer Drop 2 Dress Sizes slimpod.  This is just 10 minutes of the silky voiced Trevor giving me suggestions of what I might like to do in my day to change myself for the better, ie: eat less, move more and make better choices.

One of the things that the slimpod talks about is learning why you really want to lose wight.  What is the thing that comes to mind that will keep you on track? What will keep you motivated to achieve your goals? This has been a fabulous thinking and discovery process for me. I would have said that I want to lose weight for health reasons and to be a good role model to the children but actually I have realised just the other day that they are not the primary reasons.  That is not the full truth. I have discovered through listening to this slimpod and thinking things through that the main reason I want to lose weight is to feel better about my body and to feel desirable and improve my relationship with my husband.  I know that both our weight issues hold us back from being as happy together as we could be.

So I have to keep motivated and keep moving forward as the outcome will be so worth it.....

When I spend any length of time listening to my slimpod I do find myself making far better choices.  One of the phrases that rings true for me is 'Enough is enough and is so much less than it used to be'.  I had cheesecake the other night and left just under half of it as I was full.  Then today I found a packet of minstrels in my desk drawer and choose to stick to my plan and abstain instead of scoffing them within minutes, which would be my normal response.  In fact I have so many examples of being sensible with my choices that I am spoilt for choice of which to share with you and that is wonderful.

If you are interested in purchasing a slimpod they cost just £29.99 and there are a range of titles to suit all sorts of needs.  There are also slimpod plus programes which retail at £44.99 and contain 4 separate titles making them great value.

I know there are lots of us using the slimpods.  Are you one of them, how have they worked for you?

I am linking this post up to my Reasons to be Cheerful linky this week, as my weight loss and positive change in the choices I have been making are making me very happy and grateful indeed.  #R2BC is not here this week though, it is over at Kate on Thin Ice, so go over and visit, link up and show Kate some comment love.  Cheers Mich x

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Disclaimer:  I have received my slimpod free of charge.  I have not been instructed to write this blog post.  I felt compelled to share my success with this product and I happily endorse it.