Sunday 25 September 2011

The Sunday Soapbox & Song - I'll Follow You...

Do you ever listen to a song for the first time and it just sends chills through you?

Some songs affect me so much and I find myself on the brink of tears listening to them. Most recently those songs tend to be modern Christian worship songs.

I've shared before that I have a little crush on one of the prominent worship leaders here in the UK. He just has these too cute dimples in his cheeks.... but anyway that is going off track a bit!  It is his voice really that I find so irresistible and the words that he manages to sing and how he glorifies God when he does it.
So today is Sunday and traditionally us Christians head off to Church today and generally have a day filled with awareness of the Lord and the part we play in making His world a better place. So today, I just wanted to share this song with you, this is one that is really speaking to me right now.

It talks of living a life that please God and boy, how I want to do that.  I have many problems and imperfections but I can only keep trying and I will be kind to myself and acknowledge that I AM making headway.

The songs starts off with 'May the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart bless Your name'.  Whether you believe in God or not, don't you agree that the world would be a much better place if we all took time to cleanse our hearts and think about the words we spoke before we said them. The God of the New Testament, Jesus we call Him, is a man who showed us Christians how we should aim to live....  by loving others, all others and by taking the kind path rather than the righteous one. If we all tried to be a little kinder in the world there would not be half as much ugliness and war.  Simple when you think about it!

So there is this weeks challenge for us all. Be kind, in every situation, be kind.

It may be tough.......