Thursday 25 August 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful #R2BC

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Hello all, How are you?  Did you miss me last week?  OK, don't answer I am not sure I can take the rejection! lol  Thanks so much to the fabulous Fay at Glass Half Full for hosting last week.

That was the first week I have missed from #R2BC since I started it back in January.  Now I am on a par with @seasiderclare who has only ever missed one week too.  Do you think I ought to give her a prize at the end of the year if she keeps up this great work?

Talking of Clare, she is hosting #R2BC this week so you need to pop over and see her to link up.  Please leave her some comment love when you link up, it is nice to get something back when you are being the host.

So what about me?  What is making me cheery this week?
  1. How about lack of work? I have no idea how this has come about as it was not planned but between 3rd August and 11th September I will only have worked 2 days and actually they were over yesterday. So now I am free until 12th September when I return to my old job as my secondment has finished and you know what?  I am looking forward to that.
  2. We had the most amazing holiday last week to Dorset, my parents came too and we all agreed that it was a blast!  Here is to the same next year....

  3. Dh and I had a meeting yesterday with social services as we are considering fostering. We have thought about this for a number of years now and as the girls are starting full time school this feels like a good time. Wish us luck...
  4. It is Dh's birthday today and we are deciding what we will do, a day at the beach? the zoo? Who knows but we will certainly have some fun (and it will be on Tesco vouchers!)
  5. I have just sent off more Tesco vouchers in exchange for a weekend away in October for JJ's birthday. We will be heading off to a caravan park and bopping away at the kids disco with our pop and crisps - we know how to live! I have even suggested to dh that we take our nephew who is the same age as JJ. I think two 7/8 year olds would think that was a pretty amazing birthday treat - don't you? 
I have so much I am thankful for and every time I remember that fact I am blessed.  It would be so easy to sit back at the moment and wallow in the fact that there is so much that needs doing in our house, we have no carpets upstairs, JJ is on a mattress on the floor, the front door is still broken etc etc but actually we have shelter, family, food and fun in our lives.......  need we more?

That's it, write your post, head over to Clare's link up and then visit others and share some love. That is one of the things I like best about #R2BC, we all support each other and visit.  I will be sure to visit you all this week as I am home.

Love Mich xx