Tuesday 2 August 2011

The End of an Era & the Birth of Another! Goodbye Nursery

In their grown-up school uniforms

Look at that picture.  Is it just because I am their Mum or am I truly blessed with the most gorgeous children?  I always say that dh and I do seem to produce good looking kids! That is my little twinnies in July just before they broke up from nursery at school. They have been going part time since January along with attending 2 full days at a paid nursery at my work.  Well today, that all changes!

It was their last day at nursery today. It is the end of an era, they started in September 2008, aged 16 months and leave today aged 4 years.  September sees them start school full time and they can not wait.  They talk about September with such excitement and desire, this is ideal for me as it makes the transition so much easier.  I will get to have two school days to myself each week to do all the jobs us Mums have to take on, this will be a new era for me too, I can not wait either!

The theme set by Tara for the Gallery this week is Birth, this is my entry, it is the birth of a new era for my smallest children.  The era where they become full time school children.  

Long may they enjoy!

Dressed casual here, most people tend to assume they are much older than they are.  As well as producing good looking children we also produce giants!