Thursday 28 July 2011

#R2BC - Bargain Shoes, Neat Gardens and Soft Skin! Wk 30

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Evening all,

How are you on this fine evening?  It has been a lovely week here in the Home Counties, what about for you?  My boys have been away camping with the Cubs and Scouts so I am so pleased it has been good for them, how miserable to get rained on for a week when camping with 30 odd kids, it has happened to dh on many summer camps in years gone!

I am super cheerful tonight, my week has been good and I think much of that is down to my choice to be in a good mood and my handing over the crap to God. For example I found a leak earlier this week and my new insurers impressed me by getting someone out 4 hours after I called them, yes they stopped the leak but they also broke my toilet and now I am still without an upstairs loo!  I pray they will call and book me in soon.  Add that to the broken front door and all the ripped out carpets upstairs and things are mounting up but lets be honest I am sat here watching 'Help my house is falling down' as I type and this poor woman's water logged house is making me feel immensely grateful for the small problems I have.

See how tidy my garden is looking, there is another reason I feel good tonight.  The girls and I spend quiet a bit of time outside today getting both the front and back gardens in a good state - roll on twinnie play date tomorrow.

We also popped into town today to buy a pressie for one of their friends and we popped in M&S to use the loo and Miss M really made me laugh, she started to properly browse and show me dresses she liked.  Ohh a lovely glimpse of the future as we have a girls day out shopping, nothing Mummy (and Nanny too) love better than a good shop, especially when there is a bargain to be had.  And oh yes, big bargains to be had in M&S today. I spent £8.00 and got 3 pairs of shoes for the kids, all 1 size bigger, so they can grow into them.  JJ's are £28 leather school shoes!  Whoop, whoop - mega pleased with £8 for them all.

Lastly I have only just logged on here tonight as I took a lovely long shower and then pampered myself for an hour whilst watching TV.  My skin now smells gorgeous of Paris and is completely soft too.  Rachel reminded me the other day that when we take the time to pamper ourselves we then feel so good we do not want to spoil that feeling by eating and I sure hope to prove her right tonight. So I am doing this post and heading off to watch a chick flick, 'Love and other Drugs' and enjoy and evening alone.

So there is me, happy Mich!  (Trying not to think about next Monday and Tuesday and the busy time I have ahead at work, I can get through it, it is just 2 days and then I am off for 2.5 weeks).

Over to you, what is making you cheery this week? If you are new to Reasons to be Cheerful, then check out HERE and then link up a cheery/ gratitude post from the last week.

Thanks for joining in, leave me some comment love. Visit others and leave them some comment love and don't forget to tweet with #R2BC. I hope to be able to visit everyone this week and offer some comment love, I have managed it the last 2 weeks now!

As far as guest hosts go, I think the people who have offered are Bod for Tea, Seasider in the City, Celebrating Mums,  Glass Half Full, Mum of all Trades and A Matter of Choice. I think everyone except Mum of all Trades has let me know when they can't host, so if you read this please email me on mummyfromtheheart @ virginmedia .com  so I have a contact for you and know which weeks suit you.  I will then send out an email in early August with dates/ instructions/ badge code/ linky code etc. 

Cheers Mich x