Monday 25 July 2011

The Best Birthday Presents - Gorgeous Wooden Toys!

You can either call me savvy or a cheapskate, I don't mind which!  I was offered the chance to review some wooden toys from The Wooden Toy Shop and I have to say, I was super impressed.  It was my girls birthday recently so with the object of not spoiling them (too much!) at other times I kept my review items until their big day and wrapped them up to be unveiled.

From my first glance at the site, there was so many things I wanted to buy and I do not know about you but I always thought that wooden toys would be expensive, but not so!  Yes there are some things that cost a bit more, but there are plenty of lovely toys that are really great value.  Let me show you what my girls were lucky enough to receive:

Melissa and Doug Sandwich Making Set, £13.39.  What great value is that?  Strong sturdy wooden tray and loads of bread, roll and sandwich fillings with Velcro so they can fasten together and make a tower if they so wish.

Big Jigs Wooden Cosmetics in a Bag, £21.79.  This set is a bit more expensive than some but for me it would be worth every penny.  Miss M is dying to start wearing real make up and at just age 4 anything I can do to keep her happy but away from the real thing is perfect!  She loved the little powder puff and applicator that comes with this set.

 I'm Toy Party Cake, £15.49.  This is a super 8 piece cake that can be cut and served with the wooden slices which are included. My little ladies love the removable candles with felt flames the best!

I also need to just mention that the service I received from the owner was superb and that the items arrived quickly and very well packaged. There is not one thing I can fault, in fact I can not praise this website and their toys highly enough.  A big 10/10!

Earlier today I caught the girls playing with their wooden toys, so I knew I had to take some action shots.  I could not have set this up better if I had planned it.

 Miss M makes up teddy, doesn't she look beautiful?

It's a teddy bears picnic in our kitchen!  Oh and there is a our beautiful hostess, serving up the party cake.

Disclaimer:  This is a review post.  I was offered the 3 stated items free of charge, I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.