Tuesday 21 June 2011

#TheGallery: Heart Melting Moments

So this weeks theme from Tara  is 3 words, these can be any 3 words and we need to tie our Gallery entry in to them.  So my three words are Heart Melting Moments, you know those times when you are positively ozzing love for your child.  It could be a proud mummy moment or it could just be something they have done or a character trait that makes you love them so very much.

Obviously on Sunday gone it was Fathers Day and my kids had avidly been preparing for this day, they had created a book of doodles for Daddy and a Celebrity magazine spread declaring Daddy was 'Dad of the Year'.  They had all made their cards and taken time doing drawings and trying to form words (that was the 3 year olds in case you are wondering, JJ can write just fine!).  Then before I was even out of bed on Sunday morning JJ appeared upstairs with a tray for Daddy.

We had agreed that we would make Daddy breakfast in bed, perhaps pancakes but JJ was so excited that he, all alone had made Daddy mini weetabix with chocolate chips and milk, a cup of orange squash and 2 slices of toast with a dish with butter and jam in. He had remembered the spoon and knife as well.  Now of course this was not the ideal breakfast that dh might have chosen given a choice of foods but he told JJ and I believed he meant it, that it was his best meal ever.  How loved did dh feel right then?

As I lay there watching my big boy give his Daddy his presents and chatting about the day ahead my heart melted and I knew I was truly blessed to be part of this family. JJ then pulled me aside and said he needed my laptop for something for Daddy.  So we went downstairs and he designed Daddy a fathers day poster with a picture of them together and printed off numerous copies and stuck them around the house.

A friend at church commented to me that you can spot a good Dad when a child is that motivated to do things to make them happy and to make them feel special. Thank you dh for all you do. It rocks that our kids love you so much.

This is the photo JJ used in his posters
Also, I'm not sure that I mentioned that JJ entered the Robinson's Squash Monsters competition and he won a prize of £500 of art equipment for his school, to say he was chuffed was an understatement, he thinks he is the school celeb now!

With his personal art kit prize

and I just couldn't post about JJ and not tell you that my little ladies also make my heart melt, but I will do a  post about that another time.  So I'll just leave you with their latest photo from nursery...

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