Thursday 9 June 2011

#R2BC - Wk 23 - Finding Grace in Small Things...

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

This week, Reasons to be Cheerful is going back to its origins, since 2009 I have posted on a regular basis about the things I am grateful for or more correctly the things I see grace in. Grace is what God extends to everyone, when actually they do not deserve it. It is the most profound and amazing thing but it is also a concept that is completely difficult to get your head around, especially if you are not a believer, hence why the #R2BC name was born.

This week I am not really going to tell you the things that have made me cheerful but those which are making me grateful and thankful.

1. First Aid - I got home from work on Tuesday night, pretty knackered and all I wanted to do was flop with my laptop  but no dh reminded me I had booked myself on a first aid course and I am so glad I have. The last course I attended was 15 years ago.  What an amazing thing, to think that if I am ever needed in a crisis then I will be equipped to deal with the situation.

2.  The rain, not just for the garden but for it's beauty.  I was sat at the table today with the dining room doors open, the girls were drawing next to me and the sun was shining, all of a sudden the rain came down and boy did it fall.  The three of us enjoyed the cool breeze and watching the drops make puddles - simple stuff hey?

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3. Realisations and awakenings.  You may have read earlier in the week that I have joined a wonderfully supportive group of woman (#Mumentum) in a bid to shift some weight and get healthy.  I have to be honest, I have not been off to a good start and I could not understand why then today it dawned on me as I reached for the chocolate at 10am that I am so knackered!  Stupid Mich has been going to bed about 1am and getting up at 6.30am, that is not enough sleep for me and I am using food as my crutch to keep me going.  OK God, noted.  I promise to go to bed early tonight.  I need to sort this and thus I must be kind to myself.

How about you?  How is life?  all good I hope.  What slant will your #R2BC post take this week? I love the variety, vlogs, picture posts, lists, recipes, friends, blog recommendations - so much to choose from...

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