Monday 6 June 2011

Monday #MumenTum - I'm In!

You have all heard me whinge on about my weight problems and my food issues quite enough to know that there is a big problem to be tackled.  I am one of those people who has tried most every diet and managed to lose a few stone and then put it all back on again and a bit more, just for good measure you understand!

Well, thankfully I am feeling motivated again to do something and to try to change my life and in doing that change the future path of my children.  Gosh, doesn't that sound massive?  Well, let me tell you - it is!  Kids learn what they live and at the moment living with me they learn that excess is OK, gluttony is fun and that being fat is a way of life.  You may think I am being overly harsh but it is the truth and I have to remember it or I will slip back into old habits and my kids will grow up with the same eating issues that I have.

So what am I up to you may wonder?  Cabbage soup diet, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Aitkins, Rosemary Conley, Cambridge diet......?  No none of them.  Prescriptive diets do appeal to some extent but the thought of spending money each week on meetings with rubbish leaders or sitting in a room with a load of people I have little in common with leaves me cold.  I would love to do something like Aitkins but my intuition tells me this is just wrong for me.  As someone who has a real problem with moderation as far as fats are concerned why would I do a diet that actively encourages me to eat cheese, eggs and cream in excess?  See common sense is prevailing here...

What I am doing is joining a group of bloggers, known as the #MUMenTUM ladies.  These are all bloggers who are mums and want to lose their mum tum and are spurring each other on and keeping the momentum going - get it?  Easy but cool concept.  @NewMumOnline runs the linky each week and from what I can see, we all post and link up and then during the week we offer support to each other via twitter, email etc

So today is my first day and I will name and shame myself.  I am 17st 4lbs.  Yep, that's a whole lot of weight.  I am between a 22 and 24 dress size. Most people tell me I carry my weight pretty well, which is fortunate as I think I am a bit vain!

Now close your eyes!  These are pictures of me at my heaviest ever (apart from being PG!) 17st 7lb in May 2006.  I am only 3lb off this weight now, so I see no point in taking new pics when these are quite enough to make me want to get healthy.

This one is me in July 2006, after losing near 2 stone. This will be my first goal  and then I will get back down to a size 16/ 18 like I was years ago.  I think I look fabulous at that size - there are some pics on here if you fancy a nosey!

Roll on the future......  Thank you #MumenTum ladies for having me, I look forward to tweeting with you all.  Mich xx

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