Monday 27 June 2011

Dear So and So: The #CyberMummy11 Edition

I met Kat at the weekend. You know the very clever Kat, who created the Dear So and So meme, well it has been a while since I have participated and seeing as I met her (she is very lovely) and I love her meme it is high time I joined in again, so here we go with the #CyberMummy11 edition ...

Dear CyberMummy Organisers,

I had a great day; the atmosphere was buzzing, Sarah Brown's keynote speech was heart-warming, the crowd sourced speakers were a real highlight of the day and it was superb to touch base with so many brands and to be able to represent my sponsor Vosene.  However I am, if I am honest (and you may know that is my way) a little disappointed with the content of the sessions.  I am afraid Lord Facebook had nothing really to say of interest, the writing workshop was strange to say the least and some of the other sessions just seemed basic. I expected to come home with a book full of tips that I would implement on my blog and I didn't -sorry.

In all, it was a great day and I am not sorry that I went.  The chance to meet that many bloggers is amazing and I loved that it was relaxed and we could chill or chat as we required.  I think I missed a great workshop in the vlogging one from what I heard but where was the workshop for blogger users?  Many of us use blogger and not just the newbies. What about a more technical workshop about coding and using basic HTML? Or one directed towards SEO and improving your blogs visibility?

Sorry if I sound down on the day, but I think honest feedback is really important and a few others I spoke to have said the same.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with for next year.

Kind regards, Michelle

Dear Flat shoes,

Boy am I cross with you, lulling me into a false sense of security! You were so cute - pink, with a little bow and you were supposed to be my friend.  I did the sensible thing and wore flats and then you ripped my feet to shreds.  Did you not like CyberMummy?

From, poorly ankles in Herts!

Hey Mumentum gang,

Great to meet (or even just say hi to) so many of you.  I am pleased to report that despite all that free food I did not gorge myself and I managed to moderate my food intake.  I have to say that I won't be writing a Mumentum post this week, this will have to suffice.  The weekend has been manic and the week at work is similar.  I am still in the zone and feeling good.  I will keep going this week taking one step in front of the other and trying hard to shift this demon weight. Thanks again to the amazing Liska for pulling us all together - you are our Champ!

Mich x

Dear @PGUK (That's Proctor and gamble in case you are not sure!),

I loved your recharge lounge at CyberMummy.  I had a massage which took away my stresses and then the fab Michael Douglas (off the telly, but not CZJ hubbie) cut and styled my hair straight, brilliant!

Mummy from the Heart...

Dear Vosene,

I was amazed to find out this weekend that there are people who have grown in the UK and do not know who you are.  Call me naive but you were a household name while I was growing up and now as a mother I am proud to use your products on my kids.  Thanks so much for sponsoring me to attend CyberMummy, I look forward to continuing our relationship.

Cheers, Michelle x

Dear Activist Bloggers,

I loved your session, it was my favourite session of the day.  You are so real and I can see how each of you were affected by your different experiences.  I am proud to be able to help in my small way spreading the word.  When I hear that the Save the Children campaign that #bloggerdesh was part of reached 75 million people I know that the phenomenon that is parenting blogging is the UK is even more amazing that I thought!

With respect, Mich x

Dear Dh,

Thanks so much for being a great Daddy and husband. I loved being away from home and chilling out with a whole mass of amazing women.  When I called on Sunday morning and heard 3 excited accounts of your day out Saturday and your lounge slumber party with the kids Saturday night I was thrilled. The house was even mostly tidy when I arrived home and then you let me blog and snooze in our room - you rock babe!

Love you, Mich xxx

Dear Bloggers the world across,

If I met you at the weekend, it was an immense pleasure. I can honestly say there was not one person I would rather not have met, if I missed you and you where there then arrgghh and if you were not at CyberMummy then I hope to meet you in the future and many of you were really missed.

Love, Mich x

Over to you, do you have any letters/ notes that you would like to share?  Write them and link up at Kat's each week

Dear So and So...