Wednesday 20 April 2011

The Gallery: My blog is...

OK, I can hear you now!  What Michelle, your blog is a tent?

A marque?

A big top?

or maybe you are thinking it is a circus......  that might be closer!

No, here's the next clue

That is what is going on inside the big top.  That is Tuesday morning 19th April 2011.  There are approximately 2000 of us all having an awesome time! The next one gives away what was going on in the big top! It is the Church of Spring Harvest, the large Christian festival held at Butlins each year.

You may still be completely confused and wondering what on earth any of this has to do with my blog?  Yes?

Well for me, my blog is Church.  This is where I get to do my bit for God.  To shine my light and demonstrate that us Christians can be really average and normal just like anyone else.

Every time I look at my stats and see that hundreds of people have been visiting each day I squeal silently and thank the Lord that I am able to do my part in raising awareness of issues close to my heart and especially close to God's.

Take a look at Tara's blog if you fancy checking out more Gallery posts.  I bet there will be a very diverse array of pictures this week. 

I wonder if anyone else considers their blog to be Church?