Monday 14 March 2011

A more than 1 word Thank-you

Many of you will have seen that last Friday I created a meme, the 1 Word meme and after seeing all the amazing comments on that post, I felt I needed to do write a speech to thank people and well, here it is!

I am not thanking you for the comments you left on my post though (although they are very amazing and completely inspiring)  the thing that I feel so thankful for is that dozens of people have taken up this meme and got it spreading across our blogging community.  As I said in the original post this meme was not about selfish gains it was about trying to spread a little bit of love and positivity at a time when much in the world is dark and full of sadness.

There have been moments of worry when I know that people who felt obliged to take part are worrying that not enough people commented on their post or that their comments were not as great as someone else's but this is not about comparisons or competition.  It is just about looking at the beautiful comments that people left for you and knowing you are respected/ loved/ admired.  Blogger A may have 20 comments and Blogger B may have 5 but those could be from 5 people who you cherish as real and trusted friends.  Blogger A's 20 comments could just be from casual acquaintances.  Looking at it that way, who is the more blessed?

I know I am guilty and need to learn the lesson to be grateful for what I have and to be content.  Yearning after bigger or seemingly better things often just leads to a sense of dissatisfaction.  I have to say that right here, right now I feel completely content.  Thank you all and thank you Lord.

Already there are 25 posts linked up, I know this is just the tip of the iceberg. Go and take a look at the list - do you know those bloggers? if yes, go and spread some love, leave them a comment and when it is your turn to publish your 1 word meme post they will probably do the same for you.