Sunday 6 March 2011

I Heart Me! Wk 9 - Where am I with my Resolutions?

I am just back from Church and I had a really good night but I sat there thinking about how much I do not like the way I look right now.  I felt so self-conscious, which is crazy as I was in the safest place ever.  No one judges me there.....  well except my worst critic that is - me!

Once back home I turned twitter on and saw a tweet from Notes to Self, Plus Two and recalled that she had started a weekly link up based on loving yourself and remembering who you are.  I realised I needed to love myself a bit right now and thought I would join in this week.

The topic for this week, is around how you are doing with your new year resolutions. I hoped over to this post and had a look at what I had resolved to do this year and was a bit dismayed to see that I have completely ignored most of the good things I said I would do!  Oh dear...

I vowed to spend time with my kids and to enjoy each of them.  Thankfully I can put a tick against this one.

I resolved to re-start the date night that my husband and I used to enjoy. Whoops, not happened as yet.  OK date set for next Sunday night.  I need to try and feel a bit better about myself before then so that we can actually enjoy our night...  leading me on to the next point which I have also completely ignored.

To stop stuffing my face full of unnecessary food. I have attempted to work on this a number of times this year.  It is at the forefront of my mind every day.  Some days I choose to ignore this and other days I choose to try really hard and to give my will over to God. I wanted to beat myself up when I realised that I have not been achieving my targets but actually I have been trying, failing but trying but that is OK.  I am human and it is what happens sometimes.  If I give up before the miracle happens then I will lose out.  How many times did it take Edison to successfully create the electric lightbulb? 100's I believe, each one of them learning something for the time when he had the big win.  I often quote the phrase 'win or learn' to people, we never fail. I must take heed of my own words.

and the last thing I resolved was to ensure I was in bed by 11pm.  A mixed bag on this one, some nights (like last night) have been terrible and I have still been sat here tapping away at 1am.  Other nights (like tonight) I have turned off my PC and gone to bed.  Getting to bed at a decent hour and sleeping soundly makes such a difference to my attitude towards my children the next day.

I am very grateful to Notes for getting me thinking about this again.  In Church tonight I was praying about what I should do for Lent and I am pretty sure the answer is to do something around my food.  Not sure how radical I am supposed to go as yet though... I'll keep praying and see what comes to me.

What about you?  How are you doing with your resolutions?