Friday 12 November 2010

Notes From The Heart...

I hear that Kat is back hosting her Dear So and So meme again and I do love that. It is so therapeutic to fire off a few letters/ notes to people who just may never know about them. Here are mine this week -

Dear Children,

I can not wait for tomorrow. I pray our little weekend outing to Santa's Magical Kingdom will be just that - magical! It is fab to have Daddy off work and to know we can all spend time together with no jobs to do. Just fun!

Reviewing Hop Farm for the Santa experience (watch out for my write up early next week readers), then staying at a hotel (first time for you girls), having breakfast in the restaurant, going on to visit Nanny and Grandad and hopefully Daddy and I will get to go out together Sunday night for some 'us' time. Then if you are good big boy, you and Daddy can go to the cinema Saturday night while the girls and me stay in and watch our cheesy Saturday night TV.

Then to top it all Uncle Rich is here doing some last jobs for us and enjoying the peace at our house while we are away. Perfect!

Please my three gorgeous kiddies can you try your hardest to behave for Mummy and Daddy this weekend. It would be such a shame to have something so lovely tarred by silly behaviour.

Love you all, big kisses Mummy xxx

To Lizzie at Toddlers,

It was lovely to meet you and your gorgeous kids today. It is not often that I find someone who is so open and will just chat. I really appreciated you chatting away to me and I hope to see you again next week.


Dear Anyone with a decent answer,

Can you please tell me why Miss E regresses every so often and starts to wet herself again. Attention seeking? Laziness? I do not know. She seems to find it funny and laughs when I ask her and then tell her off. She knows it is naughty and I am convinced knows she needs to do a wee. She was dry for a good 6 months before we had any spates of wetting and then we can go weeks between these little incidents.

I am baffled and I have to say it really annoys me.

Thanks for your wisdom, Mich x

To all the Parents at JJ School,

It was a real blessing today to see the 92 beautiful shoe boxes that we collected for Operation Christmas Child. Thank you so much for your effort and consideration. Just imagine how stoked those kids will be when they receive their lovely gift.

Thanks again, Michelle

PS - Start collecting bits from now on, we will be doing it again next year, bigger and better!

To the three children who made the blue covered shoe boxes,

I think it is the most beautiful thing ever that whilst your family does not have the spare money to make a shoebox up that you went to your own bedrooms and choose some toys to give to other kids who are less fortunate. It seems so unfair that I can not actually give your secondhand, broken toys to those children as I am sure they would be grateful of them but you are an example to each of us. Your giving heart is a credit to you.

Thanks and love, Michelle x

Dear Lord,

I need to do a gratitude list. I am feeling so blessed at the moment. I thank you Lord for my food sponsor, for being abstinent, for the fab news about the nursery fees, for this family weekend, for my wonderful parents and all they do for us, for my job and for helping me keep perspective when my own mind wanted to run off and go nuts!

You just amaze me. I know that when we gladly serve you or others we are repaid for our efforts. Just today I gave my time to check the shoe boxes and there in one of the boxes was a pair of nearly new school shoes in Miss M's size that we could not send off in the boxes. How that has blessed me - I have been wondering where the £60 will come from for 2 pairs of school shoes in January.

Thank you, help me to know you more each day.

Michelle x