Wednesday 17 November 2010

The Gallery: Before & After

The prompt from Tara for the Gallery this week is Before and After. Tara asked us to take a photo from the past and to recreate it today.

So here is a picture of me blowing a raspberry on JJ's belly when I was 8.5 months pregnant with the twins.

Then we got home from Messy Church today and I bribed him (with cuddles whilst watching TV with me) to help me to create the scene again.

I suppose the before and after could apply to the fact that the first picture was before the twins were born and the second was after. Or it could be before our recent redecoration of the lounge (goodbye yucky orange wall!)

But of course as soon as the girls saw the 'fun' JJ and I were having, they wanted a piece of the action too, so first Miss M joining in...

..and Miss E just could not control herself and collapsed in fits of laughter!

And this awful picture is what prompted the fun in the first place, back in July 2007. I was 36 weeks pregnant with the twins and JJ wanted to give them a kiss and then asked me to kiss his tummy, but of course Mummy blew raspberries instead!