Friday 5 November 2010

Being Driven Mad by a 3 year Old Tag Team!

You know when you have had one of those days?? Well today was one of those. You see that pretty face above here - that is Miss E - that is the cause of my crappy day!

How is it that kids know when you are vulnerable? When you are tired, poorly, hung-over - whatever it is? At the moment I just feel exhausted and a friend of mine came over today and confirmed it, Cheers L. x

So I have spent the day feeling frustrated. Wondering why my 3 year old twin tag team do not want to listen to me. Have they saved their terrible two's for when they are actually three? Or was it like this when they were two as well? I know Miss M was like this, but Miss E that is a whole new ball game...

How many times can two kids go and open the fridge and just look inside and say 'I am hungry'. OK, I could give in and let them eat something but when I told then that if they did not eat their breakfast they would have nothing until lunchtime I meant it. Yes I created a rod for my own back and it was a complete pain in the arse to enforce but necessary I feel.

Miss E has turned into a devil at the moment. I do not say that lightly, I am a good Christian Mummy you know! We go to pick JJ up from school and she likes to sit in the buggy and she sits there like an angel and smiles at people and does not say a word. Miss M runs off and disappears playing with her 'best friends' and people comment about Miss M being the naughty one. 'NO' I want to scream, you have no idea, Miss E has found her voice and her naughty streak and at home she is trying to push every boundary at the moment. This girl is so determined. I suppose it was to be expected, she could not be a little poppet forever. I do like feisty children with big personalities after all. I aways said I would hate to have boring kids.... and now I am rethinking that.

So there lies the problem - 2 feisty and troublesome parents = demanding kids that just wear me out! I was so ready for them to flop into bed tonight.
Can I take a repeat tomorrow? No way, I won't make it into Sunday. I have vowed to stop shouting so much in general so I have to find another strategy. What can I do to help my kids learn to be nice little people and to ensure that I stay sane too? Got any wonderful ideas for me? Leave me a comment...

So tomorrow I will implement strategy 1 - I have put together a simple chart for the kids and tomorrow we are going sticker crazy. Every little thing that the kids do right will be rewarded with a sticker and I am pretty sure that this should work some magic. I know JJ is always better with positive praise than discipline or Mummy shouting like a banshee, which is my default method of parenting!

Wish me luck...... I am sure going to need it!