Tuesday 12 October 2010

The Gallery: My Beautiful Mummy

This weeks prompt has been my hardest yet. How can you do this to us Tara? Do you like to torture us? When you know that you have about 60-100 people that link up with you each week who all love photography and/ or photos as memorabilia and then you say 'oh just choose one and tell me why that is your favourite'.

Really, is that fair? Now if you said, choose 100 and share them with me we might be in business!
So I spent ages going through my albums and the 1000's of images on my external drive and I was just not getting anywhere. 'Ohh I love that one', 'ahh remember that dh?', 'look at my babies'. You get the picture. This was H.A.R.D.

So in the end I went for a walk around my house, which totally in contrast to Ann Maurice's (The House Doctors) advice is completely covered in personal photos and I decided that they must be my favourites as they were the ones I choose to display all the time and I do change some, so it was not as if they were just still there due to laziness (not in this house! lol).

This is the one I went for. It is not the best quality in the world and that is because this is a photo of a photo. It is not a photo I took, it was part of the professional ones taken for my wedding (yes I did buy the rights to reproduce them).

Meet my Mummy. This was taken on my wedding day in July 2002.

Have you seen me blog before about what a great family I have and how lucky I am, well this lady is at the heart of that. She is the one who devoted most of her life to bringing up my brother and I. I remember that I always had a wonderful relationship with my Mum, when I was young we played together, as I got older we shopped together, when my heart was broken I cried to her and here we are a few hours before my wonderful wedding sharing some fun together. She had stayed at my house that night before with my best friend and we had a chilled girlie night. She may now just have entered her sixties but her attitude is often more youthful than mine!

When I do not see my Mum for a couple of weeks I get withdrawal symptoms and she is the same. Who is my kids favourite person in the world? If we are lucky they might say dh or I but generally especially from JJ, Nanny H will be right up there at the top of the list.

What is it that makes this lady so special? Such a wonderful Mummy? Such an ace Nanny?

I do not know, I can not put my finger on it. She just has that special ingredient that makes you want to love her and spend time with her.