Friday 24 September 2010

Notes From The Heart: JJ Meets the Child Psychologist

Dear Child Psychologist who assessed my JJ today,

I am sorry the NHS puts you under such a tight time line that you had to keep hurrying my husband along and not giving him enough time to talk and answer all the multiple questions you were bombarding him with.

I am sorry that no one saw fit to brief us that we should have been coming to you with at least 10 full exercise books of examples of JJ's behaviour showing why we want some help.

I am sorry (really sorry) that you thought it would be acceptable for JJ to be in the room when you asked my husband to tell you about how he makes friends and his lack of them. Do you really think that a loving Daddy would knock his son's self-esteem just so you can get your answers?

I am sorry that you seem to think we were there to waste your time and that you think my sons behaviour patterns are just down to naughtiness! If only it was that simple, our discipline tactics would have sorted things out long ago. We are not exactly slack parents!

Lastly I am sorry that you appeared to think that we wanted a statement for our son and that we were just after some funding. Would you like to hear what our aim was from this assessment? It was to help us get some answers. Why does JJ act the way he does? Why does he not have any friends? Why does he not understand that sometimes we have to sit still and listen? Why can he not make eye contact? Why does he burst into tears inconsolable when his routine changes? Why does he feel the need to control all situations? why, why, why? Strategies for us to help out little man were all we were after but it appears that you can not provide that....

So yes for the next 6 months until you see JJ again we will keep a log of his behaviour and it will be me coming to see you next time, so watch out as I will have answers for you and I will tell it as it is!

A cross Mummy!

Dear dh,

I am really, really proud of you today. JJ wanted his Daddy to take him for the assessment and you rose to the challenge and took him. Some Daddies have no interest in their kids, you are ace! Do not feel bad that you could not answer all the questions and that you yourself sometimes find it hard to communicate especially when someone is pressing you. As I said earlier it is God's will that is done. So he knows better than us and this is obviously the right outcome for now.

Love you babe, Mich xxx

JJ, My Beautiful Little Man,

I love you so much my sweetheart and the realisation I have had today is that I need to be more patient with you. I truly believe that you do not willfully act naughty, it just appears that you have no idea what is OK and what is not so it is my job, as Mummy to help you to learn that and fear, aggression and anger will not teach you anything. So babe we will be having lots of praise, hugs and sweet talking from now onwards.

Mummy xxx

Miss E,

It is really easy, when you need a wee, you ask Mummy. Got it?

It would make my life so much easier. Thank you poppet.

Mummy xxx

Miss M,

Nothing burning that I need to say to you this week but it is that twin thing again, where I feel if I write to one I have to write to you both. So all I will say is thanks for being such fun. You make me chuckle and that rocks!

Mummy xxx

Tommy The Plaster!

You have done an amazing job, thank you so much.

A Happy Customer!

Dear God,

Thanks for sticking with me. Thanks so much for keeping me away from the food these last couple of days. It makes such a difference to my sanity. I am a much better Mummy when I am not 'in' the food.

Michelle xx

Dear Readers,

As always thanks for being there and supporting me. It has been a fab week for chatting to people, making new friends and finding new blogs.

I got to 100 followers yesterday and then someone dropped me off their reading list, so I am back to 99 again! doh oh well it will get there in its own good time.

Have a great weekend.

Mich x